Memory Loss & Early Signs Of Alzheimer's: The 9-Step Process To Reverse Cognitive Decline

Treating Hormone Imbalances

Do you feel like your memory is failing you more often than you care to admit?

Have you become more forgetful or struggling to recall words and names recently?

You might be asking, "why can't I focus like before? Is this a normal part of aging?"

Download this special consumer guide explaining the root causes of neuroinflammation & memory deficits, and what options you have available to reverse cognitive decline... before it's too late.


This Essential Guide Will Show You…

  • WHY conventional medicine has few answers beyond drugs like memantine (that hardly slow cognitive decline)

  • HOW to recognize common signs & symptoms of cognitive decline & the beginning phases of dementia ... and the proven process to reverse it

  • HOW to find and choose the right healthcare provider trained in RECODE2.0... and what to look out for when deciding on treatment

  • WHY cardiometabolic health is so critical for brain health... and which 7 areas to focus on to reduce neuroinflammation & memory loss

  • WHY it's so critical to take action as soon as possible – and how to access our brain health assessment

Meet Garland Glenn, DC, PhD

Garland Glenn, DC, PhD

Dr. Garland Glenn is the founder and clinical director of The Carroll Institute, focusing on reversing the symptoms of Cognitive Decline including Alzheimer’s Disease.

Dr. Glenn is an international speaker with a global patient base. Recognized by his colleagues as a leader in the field of the effects of neurodegeneration on brain function, he is trained in Functional Neurology and is certified in Reversing Cognitive Decline.

Dr. Glenn is one of only a handful of doctors trained in both Functional Neurology and the Bredesen Protocol for Reversing Cognitive Decline. He is licensed in several states in the US as well as in the UK and has practiced internationally since the mid-1990s.


Ready For Amazing Results Like These?

"I am so happy I attended Dr. Glenn's presentation at The Carroll Institute on brain health and care. Since then, I have participated in their personalized, comprehensive program to improve my overall health and well-being. The highly trained Carroll Institute team members love what they are doing and really care about each person as an individual."

Nan P.

Sarasota, FL

"I thank God for The Carroll Institute. When I came to them about a year ago I was in a bad state where I was having terrible side effects from blood pressure medication with brain fog. Dr. Glenn, Coach Annie Bush, Lehneen, and even the Receptionist, Nina, all formed a Team to guide me back to recovery. I was in bad shape, they were caring, knowledgeable, professional, accessible, and effective. Dr. Glenn knows his stuff😊. I can’t thank them enough. I would highly recommend The Carroll Institute if you’re looking for a Functional Medicine Practice."

Ellen H.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

"Online, we did hours of research into reversing cognitive decline and the most knowledgeable doctors in the field. Found Dr. Glenn in Sarasota and went to his presentation. He and his staff are very thorough, knowledgeable, caring, and personable. He uses the latest technology, keeps individual logs of every meeting, and adjusts the testing and supplements. The supplements help with other inflammation problems. For example, Bill's arthritis has greatly improved."

Cynthia B.

Saint Augustine, FL

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